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Neeli Bringadi Hair Oil

Neeli Bringadi Hair Oil

Neeli Bringadi Hair Oil

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    നീലി ഭൃംഗാദി
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Neelibhringadi, as mentioned in the ancient scriptures (Sahasrayogam), is very beneficial to cool head and eyes, prevents falling of hair, effective for skin ailments on head; This is effective in curing chronic headache, and in nurturing dark, lustrous hair. Ayurveda guru’s opinion that Neelibhringadi is more effective for hair and head than any oil. Although customers find hair oils of wide diversity in names, colour or packing in market today, widely acclaiming themselves to be patent medicines and demanding exorbitant prices, Neelibhringadi is still the first choice for the majority. Nelibhringadi has many satisfied customers. Neelibhringadi, manufactured as per the ancient scriptures is considered to be the most widely used hair oil

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